Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Idea Board- Family Room

Wall color:  BM Iceberg #2122-50

I have a wonderful client who has asked for some assistance with her family room.  Over the years, I have selected paint colors for various rooms in her home and I must say, the house is gorgeous!  She has fabulous taste and if I could take a decent photograph, I would post one.  Perhaps when her family room is all done, I can manage to take a photograph that will do the room justice.

Meanwhile, clients and readers of my blog have often asked why I don't have photos of my own clients' homes.  The bottom line is...... I am the worst photographer!!  I keep blaming the camera, when I know, it is most likely my skills or lack thereof.  So my goal in 2012 will be to learn to take better photographs.....that way I can post them to show how the right wall color can really pull a room together!

1 comment:

  1. can blame Amy from The Salvage Collection...

    Oh, and just take ugly pictures.. I do. We just want to see what yur up to...