Monday, December 5, 2011

What to do?

I have a client who is painting her foyer and family room.  It's a two story entry that wraps around and shares a wall with a beautiful family room, so it makes sense to use one color.  She wants a neutral color with a decent amount of saturation.  Easy enough.  After looking at a few considerations, I recommend a favorite of mine:

BM Coastal Fog #976
The client was considering:
 BM Bleeker Beige HC-80

I recommend Bleeker Beige all the time; it's in my own foyer, and I love it!  But for this particular space Coastal Fog is clearly the winner.  Coastal Fog has a decent amount of saturation but overall has a quietness to it.  It's a warm gray with a hint of green.  But she's hesitant.... I understand, it's a big space, and you have to love the color.  A few phones calls later, I think I've talked her into jumping off the deep end and "just doing it"!   

She is a great client and has already made some bold paint choices for other rooms in her home.  I assured her that I have many clients who call as the painters arrive panicked over the color choices.  I saw this poster and thought it was a perfect slogan for all my apprehensive clients:

Let's hope she'll love the color.  I know it will look fantastic!  Stay tuned and I'll let you how it turns out.


  1. I love Coastal Fog! I had it in my last home and am gearing up to have my family room painted in it in my new home. Any suggestions on a complimentaary color in the green/gray spectrum that can be used on an accent wall?

  2. I like the blue and brown colors you said you mix different colors and like to know what colors so I can get a try. Thanks