Friday, February 14, 2014

A Redesigned Valentine

I was out shopping for little valentine treats to send to my daughters who are away at college and everywhere I turned were bright red hearts! Around this time of year, red dominates the seasonal aisle of most retailers.  Maybe it was my mood, but I was looking for a softer, quieter and calming gift, but given my lack of time, I picked up a few bright red treats, rushed them to the post office and checked it off my to-do list!  But next year, maybe I'll redesign the holiday and make time to craft some homemade treats including some pink & gray hearts.  I find the subtle shades of pink and gray quite soothing. The color combination works well with interiors too. Take a look at the photos below, all of which I think are spectacular in a soothing, calming way!!!

Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers AC-28
Benjamin Moore Natural Cream OC-14
Benjamin Moore Van Buren Brown HC-70
 Benjamin Moore Rose Silk 2104-60
Metallic silver



photos credits via pintrest unless otherwise noted

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