Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stylish Shelves!

Arranging a bookcase can be a challenge. It can be a true piece of art once completed and while you can enlist the help of your interior designer, here are a few tips to guide you if you are staging it solo.

Take everything off the shelves to begin and remember to focus on the following: color, texture, size, balance and layering.

Color: Try selecting an accent color for the back of your bookcases. If the bookcases are a wood tone, try painting the back of the cases white, this will make your objects stand out. If your bookcases are white try adding a bold color or even a wallpaper to add punch and interest to your room.

Texture: Use a variety of textures. Along with books, try to incorporate glass, ceramic, photos, artwork and objects of assorted sizes.

Size: Size does matter, too many small items will get lost on your shelves. Add some larger objects and display smaller objects on top of books stacked horizontally.

Balance: It is important to balance the display on your shelves, if you have added a lot of height to one side, be sure to balance it with another object with some height on the other side. You can group your books by color, or for a more mono-chromatic look cover your books in paper or display the page side of your books!

Layering: Try propping an item in the back of the shelf and add books, etc. in front. Layering can add a lot of interest. Also don't forget to alternate your books on the shelves in horizontal and vertical groupings.

Utilizing the above suggestion should help you achieve a beautifully arranged bookcase.  If you need some inspiration in the process here are a few examples of some stylish shelves.


Photo credits: 

House Beautiful, Centsational Girl, Pintrest & Decorpad

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