Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bold and Bright Patterns

There is always something magical about large scale patterns.  Whether they're used on a wallpaper or an upholstered piece, the trick is all about balance.  Here are a few rooms that successfully incorporate a large scale pattern!

This was featured on  I just love the mix of patterns here. And the artwork adds a sense of depth to the space.  Be sure to check out the article by Lauren Flanagan featuring contributing design editor Christine Hanlon's take on Global Style.

I love the pop of pink in this neutral room of gray and taupe.  This room, featured in High Gloss Magazine,  shows how a bold pattern can bring a space to life!  Love the portfolio of Armonia Decors, something I am sure you will enjoy yourselves.  And if you haven't seen the online addition of High Gloss Magazine yet, put it on your "to do list" today.

What's not to love!! This chair makes a statement showing off it's large scale print.

This bedroom designed by Tami Risinger was featured in At Home Arkasas.  I love the large scale floral pattern on the shams!

I found this wonderful living room designed by Massucco Warner Miller thanks again to High Gloss Magazine.   Love the placement of the large bold pattern on the chairs!  You can see more of this talented design firm's gorgeous interiors on their website.

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