Friday, September 16, 2011

For Your Ipad

Here is a great gadget for all you ipad owners.  I haven't seen the app yet, but anything about color has got to be great!  It may not be a substitute for a real color consultant, but definitely worth a try.  : )

Color Life, our innovative color e-zine, helps you explore colors for your home on your iPad® or Android™ tablet.

Live your life in wondrous color. Explore and discover paint colors for your home and your life in the most up-to-date, innovative, high-tech, at-home-or-away-from-home way possible—on your tablet.

From trendsetters and tastemakers sharing their tips to whole-house makeovers, from shopping sprees through designer picks to color galore—it's all part of a color path as layered, eclectic, and unbound as today's decorating styles.

Annual Subscription (2 issues): $3.99

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