Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For the Love of Lavender

I love the color of lavender....but I catch myself saying that about every other color too!  The color purple is associated with nobility and royalty, so maybe I love it's regal quality.  It has been a favorite for bedrooms, but over the years the color has migrated from the bedroom to occupy other living spaces.   Here are some scrumptious rooms that feature the color lavender (and shades of purple too).

Traditional Home 

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House and Home


Some  of my favorite shades of lavender:

Benjamin Moore French Lilac #1403

 Benjamin Moore Iced Lavender #1410


  1. Hi! Did you use French Lilac 1403 in the very first picture above? It's a beautiful color!

  2. Hi, Sorry I don’t know what color was used in that picture. It’s from House Beautiful. You may be able to google the room and find resources @ HB.