Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quiet Moments

I remember the first time I recommended the color Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore.  It was for my brother's kitchen in Baltimore many years ago.  Since then I've often incorporated the color into clients' homes.  Aptly named, Quiet Moments is a calming mix of blue, green and gray.  It's a serene color that both men and women love.  Over the years color trends have changed and while hues of green and yellow have varied dramatically, the popularity of this color hasn't wavered.

 Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments #1563


  1. Beautiful color! Thinking of using it for our nursery, to go above a white board & batten base. Thanks for the vote of confidence in the color!

  2. Beautiful color! Do you think it would be warm enough to go with deep oak woodwork (in a victorian) with camel colored couches? We currently have the couches in room with Sherwin Williams Versatile Grey but I'd love to go with more color like this one.

  3. We contemplated this color but went with something a little more gray throughout our house: Benjamin Moore's Wickham Gray.

  4. I love this color and got a sample form Lowes
    But when I put it on my walls it looks a little dark for my small kitchen. What do you think about adding about 2 to 4 oz to a gallon?

  5. Came out too powder blue in our bathroom. We went with Silver Sage.

  6. I love this color and recently painted my dining room and kitchen this color. We have dark wood floors and dark dining table with cream chairs and cream kitchen cabinets. I want to extend the color throughout the house and and trying to come up with a curtain color to match, should I go with a cream curtain or a couple shades darker than the wall color? Thanks for any comments.

    1. Definitely a couple shades darker than the wall. With cream blinds would be beautiful and dramatic.

  7. Hi,
    What color of white is in the dining room with Quiet Moments?